The best horror movies on Amazon Prime Video UK

If you’re looking for something spooky to stream this Halloween, Amazon Prime Video definitely has you covered. For £5.99 a month, the site’s horror line-up is frighteningly diverse, covering everything from recent remakes and cult comedy to modern and old classics. Not looking to subscribe for scares? You can also see a range of films for free (but with ads) on Amazon Freevee a streaming service available through the Amazon Prime Video app. For horror recommendations from Freevee, click here.

We round up the best horror movies included with Amazon Prime, some spooky, some silly – all of them perfect for Halloween. Head this way for an up-to-date list of what’s new on Amazon Prime Video UK.

Steven Spielberg's influential summer blockbuster is still swimming with tension.
A darkly comic giallo-esque romance, torturously literalising all the dynamics of S&M, while accommodating the persistence of trauma.
A haunting meditation on desire and devotion, this is one of the best horrors of the past 15 years.
One of the greatest movies ever made, Tobe Hooper’s seminal film changed American horror cinema forever.
John Krasinski's terrifyingly taut survival thriller is so good you'll be shouting about it for weeks.
Nia DaCosta's artful horror sequel reflexively rewrites both the traditions of its own franchise and the white narratives of American history.
Jennifer Kent's storybook horror brings a devastating sadness to the genre's scares.
This razor-sharp throwback to the 70s and 80s cements Ti West as a horror director to be reckoned with.
You'll hate every second - but you won't stop watching this horribly gripping thriller.
Gore Verbinski's slippery horror is enjoyably silly and genuinely creepy.
This ambitious micro-budget sci-fi will blow your fragile little mind.
A classy horror picture with likeable characters and a nightmarish sense of adventure.
This collage of The Shining conspiracy theories is a bonkers yet fascinating study of how art finds meaning with its audience.
Demons and delusion come to an isolated frontier homestead in Emma Tammi's bleak, pioneering debut.
An escaped lion chomps its way through Amsterdam in this highly enjoyable creature feature.
James Wan lets loose with this thrillingly unpredictable B-movie.
This supremely suspenseful babysitter-from-hell horror marks out Sarah Bolger as a talent to watch.
Morfydd Clark is mesmerising in this intensely unsettling psychological thriller from debut director Rose Glass.
Martyrs maestro Pascal Laugier delivers another horror story of trauma, delusion and escape.
This coming-of-age horror is a creepily charming treat.
Furiously weird and unsettlingly unpredictable, this South Korean horror is a wail of a time.
Splice gives its horrible theme a twisted heart. As freaky as it is fascinating.
Bravely bold and modern, David Lowery's dark, handsome Arthurian epic is a bewitching trip of bravery and cowardice.
This small-town coming-of-ager regenders the werewolf myth as a hilariously icky exploration of the monstrous feminine.
This intense teen romance rings with earnest chemistry and classic horror - also, baseball.
Taiki Waititi's vampire comedy is moving, clever and mercilessly quick, but most of all, it's bleeding funny.
Imagine Friends... if Central Perk were an inter-dimensional portal to existential terror.
Visceral, violent and distress, this is an expertly executed mix of Western and horror.
Silly but serious, this 80s horror pastiche is a cult film in every sense of the word.
A welcome addition to the zom-com genre with a star-making central performance from Maria Thayer.
Fabrice Eboué's slyly funny and mildly shocking comedy offers a taste of France's shifting food chain.
This lurid inverted slasher delivers on expectations with an unhinged glee.
This funny and neurotic “erotic thriller” remix savages Hollywood’s toxic men.
M Night Shyamalan's atmospheric folk horror is a chilling fable of fear, truth and power.
Bill Condon’s wonderfully daft finale to the Twilight saga gives fans the epic showdown they deserve.