The best horror movies on Netflix UK

Looking for something scary to frighten up your watchlist? From hidden gems to old and classics, we round up and review the best horror movies on Netflix UK – and rank them in order of the highest rated. For a guide to the best Netflix original horror movies, click here. And head this way for an up-to-date list of what’s new on Netflix UK.

Balancing frights and powerful themes, Babak Anvari’s sensational debut is an instant classic.
Amy Seimetz's low-key memento mori delivers a panicky relay race of existential dread.
Grim and gripping, Life is a lean, mean sci-fi horror that brings new terror to old tricks.
Surreal, scary, funny and freaky, Ari Aster's operatic folk horror is a trip that's worth taking.
This intense teen romance rings with earnest chemistry and classic horror - also, baseball.
This surprising, smart sequel is a frightfully entertaining return to old haunts.
This sprawling, superbly performed mid-Western Gothic is relentlessly bleak, brutally violent and constantly engrossing.
Fear Street's thrilling final chapter is a crafty, satisfying subversion of the classic slasher formula.
This fast-paced, puzzle-driven thriller is a fun, fiendishly executed ride.
Tremors is a consistently entertaining time that still impresses today.
The Witch slips under your skin and leaves you squirming in discomfort. A genuinely creepy horror
Daniel Radcliffe impresses in this enjoyably creepy ride through haunted house conventions.
Toby Meakins' feature debut uses a cursed 80s video game to play out a generational legacy of socioeconomic injustice.
Haunted house, check. Freaky children, check. Sinister is a classic American horror movie - and all the better for it.
Keanu Reeves delivers a distinctive, dark turn in this bold, underrated comic book adaptation.
Bill Condon’s wonderfully daft finale to the Twilight saga gives fans the epic showdown they deserve.
Netflix’s RL Stine trilogy gets off to an intriguing start with a thrillingly bloody brew of carnage and teen hormones.
Paul W.S. Anderson’s sci-fi horror is far better than its reputation suggests.
The bloodcurdling second chapter in Netflix’s RL Stine trilogy is a fast-paced, vicious summer camp slasher.
Over-acted but not over-long, Eclipse is a step up from New Moon.
This penultimate chapter in the Twilight saga recaptures its central horror, but marks a sad step back for the series.
IT’s much-anticipated horror sequel boasts an epic scope but muddles its focus.
This low-key Irish folk horror is an atmospheric, chilling tale.
Martin Scorsese's entertaining B-movie is so steeped in gothic horror cliches it almost steps right off the cliff.
This well-cast animated update of The Addams Family is neither mysterious or spooky.
A bloated sequel, New Moon is made more enjoyable by its earnest actors, but feels disappointingly bloodless.